About Movie


Sahibzadey : A saga of Valor & Sacrifice is the first 2D animated movie on Sikh History. Through this animated movie we have attempted to relive the beyond compare martyrdom of Baba Zorawar Singh ji and Baba Fateh Singh ji. Utmost care is taken in creating character figures for the revered Sahibzadas and Mata Gujri ji.

The movie script, written by S. Inderjit Singh Googani is based on illustrated book “Nikkian Jindan Vadhaa Saka” by SGPC.

Making Of The Movie
   We have attempted to set a bench mark of highest quality while creating this    movie. This
movie has the potential to arouse interest of business houses to    produce similar movies for profit. We welcome more and more people to take a    cue and get into making of quality animated movies on Sikh history.

   Sahibzadey the animated movie is produced by using the traditional way of    animation in conjunction with latest computer technology.

   Few Statistics

   1. It took a team of animators, artists and computer professionals to complete        the movie from concept to completion.
   2. 14 months from concept to completion.
   3. Thousands of hand drawn sketches and numerus background paintings
   4. It’s a complete movie with four touching Punjabi songs and 2 Gurbani         
   5. 14 professional drama artists recorded the dialogs for the movie

Why sell
   It’s our mission to produce more and more great stories of our history in    animation format. Promoters have invested from their personal savings and    taken heavy loans to produce the current movie.
   It requires money to produce more movies. The proceeds from movie shows and    sale of DVD/VCD will be utilized to repay the current loans and fund our
next    movie .

People behind movie
The promoters of Vismaad Mediatech, producer of this movie, are working IT  professionals. We earn our livelihood from other commercial projects.